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TIL markets the complete range of Wheeled and Lattice Boom Crawler Cranes from the Manitowoc Crane Group, USA, for customers in India and neighbouring countries.

To satisfy the diverse needs of customers, the Manitowoc Crane Group has a comprehensive portfolio of Crawler Cranes and the Grove range of cranes that address requirements that are specific to the region and application. For maximum functionality and value, nearly all Manitowoc cranes have been engineered as modular base units, available with add-on components that can be quickly added to expand their functionality. Each product meets the requirements of different regions, including international transportation regulations, operational simplicity and efficiency parameter, even in the most challenging environments.

Model Capacity Main Boom Fixed JIB on Main Boom Luffing JIB on Main Boom Spec Sheet
MLC 165-1 165T 84m 24.4m 51.8m


14000 200T 89m 24.4m 51.8m


999 250T 88.4m 18.3m 51.8m


2250 272T / 450T 91.4m / 109.7m 36.6m 61m / 73.2m


MLC 300 300T 96m 30m 96m


16000 400T 96m 42.7m 84m


MLC 650 650T 104m 42m 101m


18000 453T / 600T / 750T 121.9m / 97.5m / 134.1m NA / 27.4m / 33.5m 73.2m/94.5m /94.5m


MLC100-1 100T 61.0m 18.3m  


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