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Hyster is a part of the NACCO Materials Handling Group (NMHG), and enjoys the stability and backing provided by its large, successful parent company. Based in Cleveland Ohio, NACCO Industries has three principal businesses: lift trucks, house wares and mining. NACCO Industries is listed among the “Fortune 1000”, which ranks top American companies by revenues.

Hyster is one of the world leaders in lift truck manufacturing, supplying more than 140 products to highly diverse customer base, 600 end user applications across a wide range of industries in over 130 countries worldwide.

Hyster offers expert consultancy and responsive local service through their world-wide network of distribution partners. Together, we deliver a complete package of products and solutions to help you improve efficiency, drive down costs and stream-line your materials flow.

Hyster employs the same, state of the art, manufacturing techniques and uniform processes across their 13 production sites world-wide. These locations have ISO 9002 quality certification and a group of dedicated quality engineers pursue equally stringent control standards with their supply chain. Global procurement and quality management work in unison to get the best components and materials for Hyster products.